Manchester United also included Antoni in Premier League.

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Manchester United also included Antoni in their list of 25 Premier League players. But the winger remains on an indefinite hiatus from the club. After allegations of assault against three former women he had been with.

Antoni, who denies any wrongdoing is facing charges of domestic abuse. Police investigations have opened in Brazil and the United Kingdom. He has not arrested or charged. And promised to bring evidence to prove the truth UFABET

Antoni was recently spotted near Sao Paulo, flying to his homeland. Before being informed he had been dropped from the national team this month. He is expected to remain in the country while he tries to defend himself against the claims.

DJ Gabriela Cavallin and his ex-girlfriend have accused the star, who moved to Manchester United last summer for £85m of assaulting her four times. While bank employee Ingrid Lana claims. She was pushed into a wall in Manchester last September.

Two women have given TV interviews in the past week and accused them of being physically assaulted. The third accuser has identified in Brazil as Ressa Freitas.

Lana, 33, claims she was shoved into a wall after traveling to Manchester to meet Antoni over a business matter. And claimed on social media earlier this week that she could have died as a result.

Following the latest allegations, Antoni has tried to clarify what happen during the confrontation by releasing a statement. Including the message that the person sent to him: ‘if you need I’ll wait naked on the bed.’

After posting revealing the conversation on Instagram He labeled Lana a swindler. But Lana hit back at Antoni as a liar and claimed he edited the message.