Manchester United football fans are upset that Onana deserves to stay safe.

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Manchester United football fans on social media came out to express their opinions. Onana was better at blocking Kingsley Coman’s shot than standing dead-end like that.

United just made it to the Black Bow as the club from England that conceded the most goals in the Champions League group stage. The system plays 6 games, with the 2023-24 season being hit by 15 goals and the Cameroon goalkeeper finished alone ทางเข้า UFABET 

The extravagance that has always been shown. Including the latest goal. The 27-year-old goalkeeper saw Coman break free from far away. But didn’t hurry to come out to close the corner or put pressure on. Instead, Jungka stood to control the line and was pressed a short distance from his right hand. Which instead of rushing to defend early Instead. He tried to move to the left but was tricked. 

All in all.

there is a doubt in the minds of the ‘Red Army’ as to how the team manager’s favorite goalkeeper. Erik ten Hag is better than David de Gea, the club legend who has served the team for more than 12 years. 

“OMG fried bananas, take it from my heart, Onana. This is really weak.” the @LFCData account tweeted. 

“Why can’t you prevent it when 1) You fell before Koman could take the shot and 2). Why did you keep standing and control the line?” 

The next person @ProdieYT “I don’t want to repeat the same thing, Onana, but why is it that when you run out of the goal line, you only hit the ball 60 yards in front of you, like the one that was lost? You can clearly see that he stood dead on the line, leaving Koman. Scoring a goal is the easiest I’ve ever seen.” 

In closing, @LenM4 said, “This is a really bad position from Onana, not even trying to close the corner on Coman.” 

Manchester United have been eliminated from the Champions League group stage 3 out of the last 7 times since the last era when Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down from his position as team manager , even though during the time of ‘ Fergie ‘ he had to play for more than 18 seasons to fall out of Group S. The same number of Champions League teams .