Rio believes Red Devils’ release from European football.

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Rio Ferdinand the football analyst on TNT Sports sees being eliminated from the Champions League as bottom of Group A. At least it’s good to see that you can focus on chasing 4th place in the English Premier League in the second half of this season. Because if there is still concern about European games, it will fall into the same old cycle.

United ended Group A, losing to Bayern Munich 0-1, finishing bottom of the group. Even without the right to compete in the Europa League play-offs ทางเข้า UFABET 

However, Ferdinand came back to say that if a team doesn’t make it to the round of 16 of the Champions League. Then don’t waste your energy playing in the Europa League because the squad is already changing faces. Fight takes time to recuperate the body all week to play one match, wait until the strength is ready. Then the playing form will be consistent. With a better league ranking than before.

“You think it must be a game how much we have put into it. Do whatever it takes to get the desired results. and achieved victory last night: but the truth is that it did not materialize.”

Rio comments ‘Red Devils’ Champions League team. 2008 

“Or if United opened the game and exchanged blows, they would probably get hit with 3-4 goals . They would probably be beaten by Bayern Munich, this team.”

“But again, that’s it. I think this is probably the best summary. of the worst group stage scene Do you understand what I want to convey?” 

“I have chosen to leave the European Club Championship altogether in order to focus on my performance in the league and gradually get the players back fit.” 

“It’s better than having to go to the Europa League again, where kicking takes more energy than before.” 

United last season reached the semi-finals of the Europa League but lost to Sevilla. Or in 2021 they entered the final against Villarreal, drawing 1-1 after 120 minutes and losing on penalties.