Scholes reads the Manchester United lack of creative ideas was causing Hoylund’s loss.

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Paul Scholes, Football on TNT Sports analyst. Sees Manchester United main problem not in defense at this time. But it is the lack of a midfielder who brings the ball from the back to the front. Including creative ideas to enter the door. Until striker Rasmus Hoylund doesn’t seem worth 72 million pounds.

Hoylund, who is not named a top scorer in the Premier League England, but they are hot on the Champions League stage, scoring 5 goals before the match, losing 0-1 to Bayern Munich yesterday. 

What Scholes sees as the ‘Red Devils’ main weakness is the midfield’s lack of offensive creativity. 

“I don’t think defense is the problem. Because seriously, last night’s game, the big problem was the creativity of the midfield.” ทางเข้า UFABET 

Former Champion of the Champions League 2 times said 

“As my analysis partner Rio Ferdinand learned, whenever you don’t have Casemiro in the team, when you don’t have Christian Eriksen in the team, Manchester United declines appallingly.”

“There is no doubt about that, the quality of the ‘Red Devils’ has dropped a lot.” 

“The big concern for the centre-forwards is that we don’t create enough chances. But he still scored five goals in the Champions League.” 

“He hasn’t scored in a league game yet. Seriously, there’s hardly any chance. For example, in the last game on Saturday (losing to Bournemouth 0-3), there was a real lack of opportunities.” 

“It is also worrying when there is a lack of support. How do you score a goal?”

“So we expect to see creativity not just from the wingers like Antoni and Alejandro Carnacho, because to be honest they are quite selfish players.”

“Neither of them are scouting for feeders. But they are the type who only thinks about making goals themselves. Not molding it for others.” 

“To be honest, it’s been since last year. Rashford has this style, thinking about himself first. Just last season’s hot performance was different from the current season.” 

Bruno Fernandes is the player with the most assists for the team this season with 5 in all competitions. But will be banned from the away league game against Liverpool (17 Dec. ) because of accumulating the full quota of yellow cards .