Tierney is ready to help the team at any time – I believe it hurts only with ant bites.

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Arsenal left-back Kieran Tierney insists he is always ready to help. and revealed the injuries that were played at the end of the last game.

The Gunners beat Zurich 1-0 in their final Europa League Group A clash on Thursday night. By the result of the competition, the Gunners finished 1st in the group and waited for the last 16 teams.

“We want the game to finish in 60-70 minutes and score a couple more goals. But we didn’t do that. I think we are in a difficult situation. They put a lot of pressure on us but we held on.UFABET 

“We have to show our fighting and thirst. Because they came here for that. We know they will. Their performance in the last two games has been good so they are more confident. We coped well. Unfortunately we didn’t score more goals.

“A few days ago we won 5-0, which doesn’t seem like it happens all the time. The team won 1-0, as long as they didn’t concede a goal we were sure to score.

“I want to play every game. game as you can I have to keep working hard. The manager knows I will give 100 per cent whether I start or not.

“I’m fine (asked about the injury late in the game), just a swollen ankle but it’s fine.”Tierney said.