‘Tuchel’ hopes the Tigers will come back in the Lao game.

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Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel hopes his team can stage a comeback against Lazio in the UEFA Champions League.

After the defeat to Leverkusen went 3-0 in the Bundesliga game last week. Tuchel is confident that his team will return to perform well again like they have done throughout the season. this

“Up until now we have always reacted after defeat. Self-criticism from within the team is not a problem. They always do that even if we win. “ โปรโมชั่น ufabet

The way we handled it was at a really high level. We are very open with each other. I’m sure we have everything we need to get a reaction out of it. Which is still not enough in the game with Leverkusen,” said Tuchel.

“It was also a good opportunity. Because they are new opponents. in different competitions It’s a knockout round game. I hope we can make up for it and show the quality we need to win. “

They are a very disciplined team. There’s a lot of unity in what they do. There is clarity in the pressing method.”

“As Maurizio Sarri has always been. They are disciplined and hard to beat. I think it will be an exciting game for the fans. We need to be prepare.”